The thiss-mdq server implements the metadata query protocol (MDQ) along with a few extensions.


The following endpoints are specfied by MDQ (using GET requests)

  • /entities/ - returns all JSON metadata in a single array.
  • /entities/{sha1}<sha1 hash of entityID> - returns a single entity in JSON format

The MDQ protocol specifies standard content negotiation but currently the Accept header is ignored and application/json is always returned. This may change in the future and clients should always set the Accept header to include application/json. An optional “.json” efile extension in the URL is ignored.

In addition to these endpoints thiss-mdq supports a couple of extensions:

  • Search
  • WebFinger
  • Monitoring


Issue a GET request to /.well-known/webfinger. The result is a list of all URIs (all the entities) included in the indexed metadata. This can be used together with curl/wget to mirror the _static_ contents of the mdq instance. It is of course not possible to mirror all possible searches this way.


Issue a GET or HEAD request to /status. The result is a 200 if the metadata index is alive an well and 500 otherwize.